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"My concept is to combine the jigsaw puzzle with an artistic flair to create jigsaw-art or puzzle art. I try to take plain plywood of various thicknesses and with the aid of sanding, painting and stains turn
it into a piece of art and a functional wooden jigsaw puzzle." 
- Thom Spencer

Please browse the website to select purchases.
Also, if you have an idea for a puzzle I'd be glad to create it for you.

Instead of texting, reassemble a jigsaw puzzle!

Email me or call me for puzzle information or purchase.

Please check out the new Jigsaw Art. If you see something you like, please send me email (where it says "click here") and we can talk about when it will be possible to obtain the puzzle.

These puzzles make unique and unusual gifts. Please check back soon for new photos! Thom

Info: Originally, I signed my work with a college nickname Spinx, so if you have one of those old pieces, hold on to it! Currently, and in the last several years I have signed all puzzles "T. Spencer" with the "month" and "year" (usually on the back of a piece). Double-sided puzzles will be signed on the edge of a piece or 2. Also, you may find a piece count written on the back of the puzzle somewhere. All of the ornaments and doodles have been signed "THS" on an inner edge. End Info.

An article appeared in the Washington Post Magazine's Closer Inspection section about Thom and his puzzles. The online version is available here.

Wood Work is now online for you to see. These are not jigsaw puzzles but just creatively created pieces of art, similar to what you see in his puzzles. Much of the old stuff is in cedar and was created prior to puzzle making.

Purchases can be made by contacting Thom at the address below with your information and the jigsaw art you wish to buy. For a credit card payment a paypal invoice will be sent to you by email. If you wish to pay by check the check must clear before the art can be mailed. If local, you may also pay with cash.

Thom Spencer lives in  Frederick, MD between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD. Please feel free to email him with your comments, question, or just to say hello.
Click here to send Thom Spencer an email.

Puzzle Parley in Massachusetts
Thomas (above-center) delights puzzlers
with his jigsaw art puzzle display, at the
Puzzle Parley in Massachusetts